Casa Batllo

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This was my favorite Gaudi's house.  It is called Casa Batllo (Baat-yo).  The house was like an underwater fantasy world.  There were no straight lines anywhere in the house.  Everything seemed to just flow.  The ceiling was painted in an opal irredescent color with hand drawn fish scales all over.  Stained glasses filled the opened style rooms that were seperated by sliding glass doors (there were no walls). We were not allowed to take pictures at this site, but I took a few anyway.  An interesting story associated with this house:  In front of the entry way that leads to the outdoor garden stand two columns in marble.  Many years ago, the Batllo's dog stuck his head in between the two columns and was stuck.  They had to decapitate his head in order to free him.

Roll 2 - 46

Floor plans of the Batllo house

Roll 3 - 193

Description of the Batllo house

Roll 2 - 52

The left is what the Batllo house used to look like before the facade was put on.  Obviously, the right is the after model.

Roll 2 - 55

Sliced building to see the internal courtyard of the house

Close-up of the roof of the house


Top front of the house



Scales on the roof

Back top of the house

Casa Batllo and Casa Amatller next to each other

Roll 2 - 73

Winnie getting ready to go inside
Roll 2 - 74

Looking up at the house