Casa Mila

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Casa Mila is also know as La Pedrera (The Quarry).  When it was first built, newspapers and magazines made fun of the apartment complex as they were not used to new ideas. Gaudi paid close attention to every detail - from windows to chimneys to furnitures.  The tour took a long time but it was well worth it.  It show how people lived at the beginning of the century.

Roll 2 - 44

Floor plans of Casa Mila
Roll 3 - 195

Description of Casa Mila

Overview from my helicopter

Roll 2 - 59

A slice of the building

Roll 2 - 60

A slice of the building

Front gate

Inside the lobby


Colors on the ceiling

Stairs and light
Roll 2 - 29

On the roof, Winnie looking confused

Roll 2 - 31

Winnie taking pictures
Roll 2 - 32

View of the streets from the roof