My "MINI" Adventure

After a very long trip in which I barely slept, I arrived at the airport where I was greeted by two beautiful women sent by Sam Cooper. It so happened that both the French teams were on my flight without my knowledge!  Continuous cameras flashed at us until I checked into my room where I did a thorough check for bugs.  I then read a confidential letter and instructions left in my room by Sam Cooper in great details.  At exactly 19:00, I met up with the rest of the Team USA as well as all the other agents from around the world to head out for dinner.  Team Canada, however, was late.  Somehow they all missed their flights.

A very hip and trendy place was specially booked for us that night.  There were more press at the restaurant then I had ever seen in my life.  We had kangaroo carpaccio with mango salsa for appetizer, Ox's steak for main course, and chocolate volcano with sorbet for dessert.  Through dinner, we debated whether the word "OVEN" in capital letters within the menu was a clue.  Then, we realized that it was actually the name of the restaurant, felt kind of stupid, and got drunk.


...and day 3 and 4.

Roll 3 - 110

After reading Sam's instruction, I had a little time to relax.  Here are some views from my many windows - the ocean...
Roll 3 - 111 city view...
Roll 3 - 112

...and another...

Roll 3 - 113

...and another...
Roll 3 - 114

...and another.
Roll 3 - 10

The time has fianlly come to meet my team!  From left to right:  MINI USA coordinator James, my teammates Brooks, Brian, and Dick Tracy (Kendall)

Roll 3 - 11

One of the main event coordinator, Gavin, explains our schedule to us
Roll 3 - 12

Team USA gets together for a picture with Hildegard from the BMW headquarter
Roll 3 - 13

A spiffy MINI Cooper S parked outside the restaurant

Roll 3 - 14

Let's look at it from the can never get tired of looking at this car!

Roll 3 - 15

I thought I would take a picture of them since they were taking pictures of us

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