My "MINI" Adventure

As we approached the dock, a camera crew asked us and two other teams to weave in and out of the road with each other so they could get some good footage.  So we did.  As we arrived at the dock, hundreds of people were already there waiting for us!  All the MINI Cooper Coordinators were in one booth, the press were in another booth with all cameras set up, and all the Cooper S's were lined up in a semi crescent moon along side each other.  We parked our car and were told to stand by.

All of sudden, we heard engine revving and Sam Cooper drove out in his Cooper S with a black van close to his tail!  The black van relentlessly followed Sam's every move, but don't you worry, Sam with his Cooper were far more superior than some stupid black van. After a few stunts, the Spanish police joined in and threw some nails on the path of the Cooper and the van.  Of course, with the run-flat technology, the Cooper S continued to run while the van just died.

Susana ran out of the police car to see who was in the black van.  "It's YOU!!!"  It was an angry, obsessed Markus and a helper.  They were immediately arrested.  But, where were the collages?

Behind the back doors of the van was a huge crate with a ticking bomb attached to it.  Susana started to panick!  "Who has the secret code?" she said.  At this point, the German team ran out and saved the collages from harm.

Roll 3 - 120

For some reasons, Brian, Kendall and I decided to walk and got off the car at some point.  Brooks drove in alone

Roll 3 - 121

All MINIs line up
Roll 3 - 122

Look at all the press
Roll 3 - 123

And next to the press (the furthest tent) are the MINI Cooper Coordinators

Roll 3 - 124

Participants around the MINIs, all wondering who the winner is.

Roll 3 - 125

Some press got a really good spot up above
Roll 3 - 126

Getting ready to say goodbye to our baby

Roll 3 - 127

Team France, Marie, Franc, Maud, and Franciose-Xavier

Roll 3 - 128

A view of the cars from above
Roll 3 - 129

More cars...only Austrialia is missing as they came to the port quite late

Roll 3 - 130

Sam Cooper does his stunts
Roll 3 - 131

Spanish police came chasing after the Black Van as well

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