My "MINI" Adventure

After everyone got drunk at the dock, we had a couple of hours to relax.  As we got back in to our hotel rooms, we each got a note and an invitation from Sam Cooper.  The celebration was not over.  The real celebration awaited us.

A very trendy club was booked for Mission MINI.  Through the night, people tried to get into the very cool club but were turned away as they were not part of Mission MINI.  The club consisted of several rooms all playing different music.  Tapas were served all through the night.  If you see a dessert looking cup (looks like white cream with some powder chocolate on top) being served to you in Barcelona, it's shrimp paste and kind of nasty.  Don't be fooled.  

Roll 3 - 144

Here is the guy we met on the track from GoodYear

Roll 3 - 145

Group hug
Roll 3 - 146

And another
Roll 3 - 147

Kendall plays with a very advanced yo yo lent by Max from the Austrian team

Roll 3 - 162

A note from Sam Cooper...
Roll 3 - 165

...and an invitation to the party

A flyer for Club Danzetoria

Roll 3 - 148

MINI, MINI, MINI, Everywhere

Everyone got a MINI Cooper that night.  Because I am short, you can only see half of my head in my car
Roll 3 - 149

One of the many rooms at the club

Roll 3 - 150

Team USA
Roll 3 - 151

All the MINIs lined up on the wall

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