My "MINI" Adventure

As people were dancing and celebrating inside, Kendall, Brian and I took a break and talked with Craig Davis from MINI Cooper's headquarter for a long time outside the club.    We went over several interesting events that happened during Mission MINI:  

1)  While investigating, Team Japan was stopped by two men fighting in front of their car.  As they tried to ask them to move out of the way, they snatched their cell phone and ran off.

2)  One of the Mission MINI coordinator got her purse ripped out of her hand right in front of Arts Barcelona!

3)  The Spanish inspector left his personal belongings after getting dressed in Susana's office at the gallery.  Some investigators thought his laid out things were clues to the case and looked through his wallet and pockets, etc.  He wasn't too happy about that.

4)  The actor at Jordi's copy was hit by one of the teams to stop him from running away.

We also talked about how impressed we were at Mission MINI in making this happen.  The coordinating involved is incredible!
Roll 3 - 152

Another shot of the mini MINIs

Roll 3 - 153

The little room where people rested after getting tired from dancing

Roll 3 - 154

The Mission MINI sign
Roll 3 - 155

People hanging out and eating Tapas

Roll 3 - 156

Peter Halley (the artist in the glasses) and coordinator from Mission MINI

Roll 3 - 157

And again...
Roll 3 - 159

Val McDermid joins the stage

Roll 3 - 160

The winning German team gets recognized
Roll 3 - 161

Everyone gets a trophy..
Roll 3 - 163

...and a MINI Cooper S to drive for a year!

Roll 3 - 164

Val's shirt says, "Obey my finger."
Roll 3 - 166

One of the actors collected bribe money that he will donate to charity

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