My "MINI" Adventure

Although the weather report online indicated that it would rain, the weather couldn't have been better!  Around the track were majestic mountains, ones that you would never expect to see except from movies like 'Total Recall' or 'Lord of the Rings'.  Standing there with Cooper S in hand, it all felt like a dream!  Did I mention that they had back up cars waiting for us in case we crashed ours?

The press was everywhere still.  At times, we felt like we were part of the Real World cast.  Eventually we just got used to having so many cameras and reporters around.  Besides, with all the exciting courses in front of us, we really couldn't pay attention to what they were taking pictures of.  Around midday, we had lunch in the big tent behind the stage.  Arnoz Negro was served (rice with squid cooked in it own ink).  As good as the food looked and as hungry as we were, most of us were afraid to eat.  There were just too many corners on the road to throw to be eating freely if you know what I mean.

Roll 3 - 39

The emergency braking station
Roll 3 - 40

I kept staring at the 180 bootleg turn station because it was making a lot of noise and I couldn't wait to see what was waiting for me there

Roll 3 - 41

We lined up our cars for lunch
Roll 3 - 42

In the big tent, we had a great time staring at food but not eating too much

Roll 3 - 43

Teams were interviewed one by one by press to talk about their expectation for the next two days

Roll 3 - 44

Here is our beautiful baby taking a break
Roll 3 - 45

Brooks and Kendall goofed off while waiting for the other teams to be interviewed

Roll 3 - 46

I can never get tired of looking at the many MINI Coopers
Roll 3 - 47

"What the hell happened to your tires?!"
Roll 3 - 48

Brooks is ready to go make hell again!

Roll 3 - 49

Look!  No air at all in the back tires!
Roll 3 - 50

Our slalom course

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