My "MINI" Adventure

After an excellent adventure on the track, we were surely better agents than before.  We took our Cooper S over to the 'headquarter". When we arrived, we realized that they had set us up in the police station!  Of course, the police station would be the most obvious place for us to do our investigating.  The most obvious place is often the safest place, too.

Each team got their own cubicle that was equipped with an iMac with a 17" monitor, a spy camera, a bean bag chair (and regular chairs, too), and a map to help us plan our investigation.  On top of all that, we also got a cell phone and a beautiful assistant named Caroline (pronounced Kar-o-leean).  The headquarter was always stock with water, soft drinks, and all the Red Bull you would ever want to drink.   Of course, there were lots of hors d'oeuvres all the time in case we were hungry.   An espresso bar also came in handy after a long day of interrogation and suspect chasing.  After checking out our office, we headed down to another restaurant named Camilito.  I had Hake (a white fish) for dinner and fresh fruit for dessert.  

We wasted no time at all.  As soon as we were done with dinner, we took a short strode to the Bradman's Gallery for a press conference Susana was holding.  The wall where the collages would be was empty.  A Spanish inspector and Susana's jealous publicist joined in on the conference.

Not much was obtained from the conference.  The inspector did tell us that the glove is a woman's glove and smelled like fish.  We later found out that both those clues were bogus.  No wonder why they could not crack the case sooner.   After another very long day, we went back to our nice hotel room for a good night sleep.

Roll 3 - 101

Interesting building that's hard to miss

Roll 3 - 64

Our sweet Caroline getting acquinted with us

Roll 3 - 65

I think she is giving us a cell phone
Roll 3 - 66

The floor plan of the gallery

Roll 3 - 67

The Spanish inspector talking with Team Belgium

Roll 3 - 68

I took pictures of anyone looking a little suspicious.  In this case, he was not involved in the case

Roll 3 - 69

He was also clean

Roll 3 - 70

Susana Bradman looked very nervous as she did not want the conference to piss the perpetrator off

Roll 3 - 71

Many said Patsy Chen looked composed and cool;  I personally thought that her chain smoking made her looked a little guilty

Roll 3 - 72

The Spanish inspector must have thought we were talking about another case when he told us that a woman's glove was found at the scene and it smelled like fish

Roll 3 - 73

There were easily 3-400 people at this conference that was held so late at night (it was probably 11ish pm when we arrived)
Roll 3 - 74

Everyone listened intently

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