My "MINI" Adventure

Part of being a private eye is a willingness to sacrifice sleep.  Everyday I woke up at around 6am and went to bed at around 1-2am at night.  However, I had never felt so alive!!!  Our investigation finally began on Saturday (9th November).  We received a phone call before breakfast from Caroline saying there were suspicious activities at a garage in town.  We rushed to the scene but were a little confused when we reached our destination.  First a women peeked out of an apartment building and pointed at a theater school.  When we investigated, the owner of the theater had nothing to do with the case at all.  As we were about to leave, a suspicious looking man wandered around us with a cell phone.  Brian immediately said, "that's the guy."  We approached him and eventually got into the garage we were supposed to look into.  It was cluttered with things ranging from stuffed dead animals to old furnitures to paintings.  We weren't really sure as to what we were looking for.  Finally, we came to a coffee table in the back of the room and found a folder with a postcard from Bar Leticia (the bar that Markus owns), a print out of the six lost collages, a matching glove to the glove that was found at the crime scene, and a note that said, "Ask Juan for the special wax and shine".  A camera crew followed us while we ran up and down that street. They said it was amusing to them that we would run up and down THAT street.  I guess it wasn't the best neighborhood in Barcelona.

We then intereviewed Carles Masso.  He was spotted at a certain cafe in town.  As we arrived, we looked around and I saw him across the street on the cell phone.  I yelled to my teammates, "There he is!"  Right when he heard us, he started running as he thought we might have been loan sharks after him.  We ran up to him and cornered him. A camera crew followed excitedly.  Carles started cussing at us loudly.  Many bystanders looked in shock.  We managed to calm Carles down a bit and led him to a nearby cafe.  

After our initial introduction and a little bit of questioning, a camera crew walked in asked if we would mind sitting outside instead as they were not allowed to film inside that particular cafe.  We proceeded to go outside as Carles mumbled, "What's all this?  Why are there cameras?"  We found a nice little table where we continued our interview.  In it, we learned that Carles owed some money but had a plan to pay it back (but he did not care to elaborate on his plan).  He also loved to frequent brothels and was more interested in Asian than Caucasian women (at which point, he proceeded to asked if I was free that evening for a drink).  We believed that he was not involved with the case, but suspected that he wasn't telling us all he knew.  

Brian and I then arrived at Bar Leticia to talk to a drunk Piet and Markus the ex-olympian.  We got little information from Piet besides the fact that he had a show going on at Galleria Xina.  From Markus, we found out that he had a black van.  We were on to something.

We later went to Markus' apartment to meet him.  However, the door was unlock and he left a note indicating that he would be back in 20 minutes.  Inside his apartment were love notes that he wrote to Susana that were never sent, a scarf that he probably stole from her, and a computer with emails.  Supposedly, there was a message from Juan saying, "Look in the classified page", but Kendall and Brian did not see that message when they were at the apartment.

We then received a call from Caroline saying that we received a fax from someone at the office.  The fax was faxed from Jordi's Copy. We rushed over in hopes of catching the guy doing the faxing.  While trying to find the right direction, we stopped at a fruit stand and talked to the store owner.  Not only did he pointed us in the right way, he also gave us free bananas for the road!  

Roll 3 - 75

Where the six collages used to hang
Roll 3 - 76

A small passage about Peter Halley
Roll 3 - 77

Dieter Meier himself, from the band Yello (the grandfather of Techno), was representing the Swiss team

Roll 3 - 78

A banner for the show

Roll 3 - 79

Down the street inside a store was an advertisement for the show

Roll 3 - 82

After a long day, a bubble bath always helps clear the mind and knocks me right into bed

Roll 3 - 83

Brian and Brook writing down an important clue

Roll 3 - 84

Working hard
Roll 3 - 85

We arrived at our first clue, the door that's next to the garage
Roll 3 - 86

We were directed to go to this theater school which turned out to be nothing

Roll 3 - 88

We finally found our way to the garage and found a very important clue - a post card from Bar Leticia, a note about the special wax and shine...

Roll 3 - 89

...and pictures of the six collages we are looking for

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