My "MINI" Adventure

When we got there, we found Jordi and a suspicious man (who Jordi said was named Hector) who almost convinced us that he had nothing to do with the case. With our persistency, and the fact that the entrance was blocked by us, he finally told us that he was working for a friend who was working for someone else.  He also gave us a folder when we promised that we would leave him alone. When we left Jordi's, we found a ransom note, a note that said "Watch out for Jean-Yves Perrault", incriminating evidence from Interpol about Jean-Yves, and a blank piece of paper.  Upon careful examination of the blank paper, we found scratch mark of a sentence "Order the sushi deluxe".  We thought about finding a sushi restaurant at that point but did not know where to start.

That night, we also tried to get into Jean-Yves' apartment but were turned away.  We finally retired back to the headquarter for further direction.

In the middle of our investigation, we did not forget to pick up a video that someone has left for us at a video store. Although it was quite late and we were all pretty tired at the end of that day, the four of us got together in Kendall's room and watched the video together.  In it was a scene from the "Italian Job" (Gene Hackman, 1969).  It showed three MINIs driving through the train station and around town doing lots of really cool stunts while trying to get away from the police chasing them!!  At the end of the clip was fuzziness, then we saw the lockers at the local train station in Barcelona.  

There were many clues to obtain and I think different teams got different clues that all led to the same things in the end.  For example, we never got to talk to Patsy Chen.  Some teams got to talk to a bird lady off La Ramblas and we did no such thing.  But in the end, I think we got all the important clues we needed.

Roll 3 - 90

The matching glove at the suspicious garage

Roll 3 - 91

Brian and I looking for Bar Leticia while Kendall and Brooks guarded the car
Roll 3 - 92

Finally arrived at Bar Leticia
Roll 3 - 93

Here we are looking for another clue

Roll 3 - 94

Night began to fall as we approached Jordi's Copies


One of the many pages in the folder that the suspicious Hector left us

Roll 3 - 96

After Jordi's, we took a break at Port Vell
Roll 3 - 87

The water around Port Vell was infested with fish!  One cann easily grab one with their own bare hands!

Roll 3 - 95

Port Vell
Roll 3 - 97

Port Vell
Roll 3 - 98

We got another clue, so we rushed into our MINI again.  On the way, a funky statue

Roll 3 - 99

Jean-Yves apartment's front door is a small door cut out of a large door.
Roll 3 - 100

We got there too late and the apartment was closed

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