My "MINI" Adventure

The second day of investigation came, we woke up bright and early, had a hearty breakfast and moved on.  We promised each other that we would be most alert and cooperative on this day (so far, we thought they couldn't pick better people to work with one another).  As we did not receive any clues from Caroline, we decided to go see some of the suspects that we never got to meet.  Patsy Chen came to mind so we took off once again.

While we were trying to get to Patsy's house, we got a phone call from Caroline.  She told us that there was a very important package at the headquarter waiting for us (it was 11am).  She also said, "you should buy a newspaper.  I can't say which one, but you should buy one."  Brian and Kendall dropped Brooks and I off at the train station to buy newspaper while they went back to the headquarter for the important message.  We spent 20 Euros to buy every newspaper at the news stand and started blindly looking through them as we waited for Kendall and Brian to come back.  After a few minutes, Kendall came running into the station waving for us to leave.  We gathered all the papers and a game board the news stand gave us (presumably because we bought so many papers), and headed back out to the MINI.  When we got into the car, we realized that the paper we needed came with the important message that we received at the headquarter!!  Oh well, now we have two of the same paper.  Brooks and I started looking through the completely Spanish paper and finally came across an ad in the classified page that read, "Crazy Car Wash!"  We knew that's where we needed to be next.

Juan stood by waiting for us.  We asked him for the special wax and shine.  He said that he was quite busy at the moment and asked if we would like to have lunch first.  Having said that, he reached into his pocket for a business card for a place called 'Sushi and News' off the Ramblas.  He said the chef is a good friend and would take care of us.

We rushed to the Sushi place where we found the Hong Kong team coming out.  It was 12:50pm.  Inside was the Canadian team pleading with the chef for the 'good sushi, the special one'.  The chef kept telling them that he didn't have any more and they don't sell such sushi.  He then approached us and we immediately asked, quietly so Team Canada wouldn't hear us, "we would like the sushi deluxe, please." He asked us to have a seat at the table while Team Canada looked on.  He came back after a few minutes with a handroll.  We slyly talked among ourselves about nothing as we slipped a key inside the sushi into my pocket.  Kendall proceeded to eat the sushi as we ran off.  Team Canada called after us, "What's the name of the sushi you ordered?!"

We took the key and went back to the train station for the appropriate locker number.  Inside was a piece of paper with a phone number on it.  We called immediately and a mechanical voice said, "The secret code has been given.  All evidence will be destroyed.  Proceed as planned."  

"But we don't have any plans, please give us more information!"  Click.  He hung up on us.

We went back to the headquarter trying to find out what more we could do.  Someone gave us a hint that we should find out who else has gotten to the locker.  If we found out who got the number, we might be able to find out more.  We proceeded to make a list of everyone we knew didn't get the number.  Frustrated, we decided to head out again to find more clues.  This time, we were heading to a church who beared the same name as the King on a coin we received with the newspaper.  We were convinced that the collages would be hidden in the church.

Half way to the church, we received a Red Alert from Sam Cooper himself!  He found his MINI Cooper S and wanted us to meet him at the dock by the World Trade Center.  We abandoned our original plan and followed other MINIs to the dock.

Roll 3 - 103

After attempting to get into Jean-Yves' apartment and failed, we went back to get our car.  Here, we met a European MINI from the 90's

Roll 3 - 102

Back at the headquarter, we examinie the evidence once more.  The glove fit Brooks' hand perfectly and thus, not a woman's glove.  There was no smell of fish also

Roll 3 - 105

Cigerette butts found at the scene of the crime were suspected to be the same type that Patsy smoked
Roll 3 - 106

Brian talks to a press

Roll 3 - 107

Brooks punching our bean bag chair to calm his frustration

Roll 3 - 108

A big portion of the hotel garage is being occupied by MINI's mechanics.  Our cars were checked daily to ensure a smooth investigation

Roll 3 - 109

The non-dark silver or light blue MINIs are mostly press cars

Roll 3 - 115

Early second day, on our way to see Patsy
Roll 3 - 116

Close to the gallery is a wall full of very interesting graffiti
Roll 3 - 117

Red alert!  All agents to the dock

Roll 3 - 118

We lined up, not knowing what's ahead of us

Roll 3 - 119

Still waiting

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