My "MINI" Adventure

Susana Bradman owns a gallery in Barcelona.  On the day of her first show with American artist Peter Halley, the six collages to be shown mysteriously vanished moments before the show.  Susana was desperate.  Luckily, Sam Cooper offered to help.  As Sam was investigating the case, he was chased off the road by a black van, received threatening notes, and got his MINI Cooper S stolen.  When the case became personal, he decided to recruit an international group of agents to help out.  This is where I came in (to meet the teams, read the novel, and additional information, visit:

The team included 84 agents from around the world.  Most countries had 4 agents while 4 countries (Japan, Germany, Belgium, and France) had 8 agents.  The selection process in each country was different.  Germany had rounds of interrogatory sessions in Munich one weekend with all interested applicants, while France had their potential agents write esseys to explain their special skills.  As for the U.S., we had the most difficult application of all - a video of ourselves in our best disguise.  

With helps from many friends, I was able to finish the video and deliver it to MINI USA on time. The video was called "The Wild Adventure of Alien Super Girl".  Working for Secret Agent Bob, I fought Alien Evil Girl and her crew with my wit and special power and turned them into bananas.  The video impressed them (mostly impressed with my incredible leaping skills).  Out of over 7000 applicants, I was chosen along with three others - Kendall, Brooks, and Brian.  

We arrived in Barcelona in style-Limo ride to the airport, business class flights, and five star hotel (the Arts Barcelona owned by Ritz Carlton).  My teammates and I had already been conferring over email about the case.  We were ready to solve the mystery of the missing collages.

The Suspects:

Carles Masso - sleazy lawyer who likes asian girls; owes a large sum of money

Jean-Yves Perrault
- ex-convict for stealing art pieces; was in prison and is now in the security business; The Bradman gallery's security system was installed by him

Patsy Chen - Susana's publicist; sexy, cold, chain smoker; ex-boyfriend once left her to date Susana; very jealous and also has enormous debts

Markus Wagner - retired Olympian; now owns Bar Leticia in Barcelona; completely obsessed with Susana

Piet Muller - loser painter who thinks Susana owes him an art show; Susana, of course, has taste, and would never show his work

The Adventure Begins...

Roll 3 - 91

Introducing Team USA - Brian...
Roll 3 - 93 copy

Roll 2 - 18

2 copy

...and Brooks.

Evidence #1 - The Glove

Floor plan of the Bradman's Gallery

Suspect #1 - Jean-Yves Perrault the security guy / ex-art thief


Suspect #2 - Markus Wagner the obsessive stalker / owner of Bar Leticia


Suspect #5 - Piet Muller the loser artist who thinks Susana owes him an art show


Suspect #4 - Patsy Chen the jealous publicist who would do anything to be in the news


Suspect #3 - Carles Masso the lawyer / brothel goer with lots of debts


Mission Mini is based on this novel written by Val McDermid

Roll 3 - 4

This is no ordinary room.  This is a super room for super agents!
Roll 3 - 5

The bathroom is big enough to sleep 5

Roll 3 - 6

View from one of my two balconies

Roll 3 - 7

The room was at the end of the hallway on the 16th floor.  There were two walls of windows and plenty-o-bright

Roll 3 - 8

The other side of my room

Roll 3 - 9

Bathtub big enough for me to swim in
Roll 3 - 80

Dirty your butt, wash you butt
Roll 3 - 81

Shower with more knobs than I know what to do with

After checking the room for bugs, I felt safe enough to open Sam Cooper's secret packet to me.  In it was this confidential letter,...

1126021st2nd_1 schedule for the day 1 and day 2,...

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