Park Guell

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On the first day of our travel, we (Tommy and the entire Mission Mini Team USA) went to visit Park Guell.  We underestimated the walk but made it in the end.  It was a very nice day and the weather was warm.  In the park were very interesting houses, but when we saw the ginger bread houses, we all gasped.  

The stones that you see in the pictures look very natural but they were all constructed.  We were amazed and wondered how crazy Gaudi really was.  At one point when we were all focusing on admiring Gaudi's works, a pick pocket walked up within 3 feet of Kendall and peaked into his pocket.  Brooks was shock at how obvious the pick pocket was and kicked him in the foot.  The pick pocket looked back at a mean looking Brooks and ran away. The police later came by and Brooks told them everything.  As we walked around the park, we saw little police golf carts driving around looking for the bad guys.  Of course, we would have took on the case ourselves if we weren't on vacation.

The park looked like a fairytale land.  Everywhere I looked, I was able to associate it with some sort of fairytale.  There was a little cafe where you can have ice-cream and cookies.  The tables were under these palm tree infested with exotic tropical parakeets.  I don't think I have ever seen birds like that in the wild, not even in Hawaii!  They were noisy little birds, too.

Roll 3 - 192

About Park Guell


Caught two lovers kissing

One side of the park with mosiac around the outside of the bench


A view from higher up


Actual house on the park that's occupied

Gaudi live in this house while he was constructing Park Guell


Another view of the house


A cool house far far away

The crypt of the park

Pretty rocks


Where the gnomes live

Detail of the roof of one ginger bread house