Sagrada Familia

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Nature is a big theme in Gaudi's work.  For example, the columns in the temple are modeled after tree branches; Two turtle holds up the building in front of the church; the spiral of the staircase is a replica to the spiral seen on a snail or sea shell; Throughout the church, there are plenty of insects carved out of stone.  Gaudi also paid close attention to the possible amount of light that could flood the interior of the temple by creating continuous large windows.


Birth of Jesus


East Facade

Turtle holding up the church
Roll 2 - 6

Newer sculptures

112102birthjesus 4

Part of the older wing

Inside the cathedral


Roll 2 - 7

Newer constructed columns
Roll 2 - 8


Roll 2 - 9

Windows and ceiling
Roll 2 - 10

Rows of windows